Presidents Report – October 2020

Last month our meeting reverted back to our early 2019 venue at the Public Schools Club. Whilst there were still social distancing issues to deal with, it was like welcoming back an old friend. The ability to start with drinks in the bar, eat in the dining room and conduct the meeting proper in a spacious and quiet meeting room was appreciated by all.

A few things have changed in how the Public Schools Club is managed now, and we have to pay a deposit each month to confirm our booking and guarantee a minimum spend on the night. This equates to about 20 diners plus drinks. Any shortfall must be covered from our club funds. Not a problem last month where 38 diners turned up, but does need to be kept in mind during the quieter times of the year. This is when it is cold, wet and dark outside and one is tempted to stay at home rather than venture out to a club meeting. Your council will do our best to engage interesting guest speakers to entice you out no matter what the weather is.

John Siebert’s Harrier presentation last month was fantastic. He would be one of the few individuals to have flown both the British and American versions. The Harrier is a technological marvel made possible by its unique engine design. John explained not just what the aircraft was like to fly, especially in the hover, but also how to fight in it.

For October we are privileged to have Rod Lovell as our speaker. His talk will be taken from his recently published book, From Hero to Zero. It relates to his successful ditching of a Douglas DC3 in Botany Bay in 1994 and the subsequent adverse accident report that curtailed his career as a professional aviator. Signed copies of his book will be available for sale on the night.

We can accept a maximum of 42 persons for dinner in the dining room. More seats are available in the meeting room because it is larger, so if the dinner option is booked out you may still be able to book just for the speaker. Check the club calendar for details.

Last month we also hosted a BBQ at Murray Bridge airfield. The poor weather forecast conspired to keep a lot of people away, but for those who did turn up we did not see a single drop of rain, and circuit training was being conducted. Funny how often that happens at Murray Bridge. Let’s hope we can get a good forecast for our December BBQ.

The postponed workshop visit from 29th August has been rebooked for Saturday 31st October at 2pm. Details are on the club website and you will need to book online or at the October Club meeting to get the address details and comply with Covid contact tracing requirements. Please note that you have to be logged in to see the Calendar entry as it is a members only function.

Please be reminded that Friday, November 20th is our Club Christmas dinner. This will be at the Feathers Hotel, Greenwall Restaurant with a similar format to last year. Expect a 3 course meal, raffle prizes and a good night out. I will send a clipboard around next meeting to advise your attendance.

Blue skies,


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