Presidents Report – September 2020

It has been an interesting month for club activities. At our last meeting at the Feathers Hotel we reached the room capacity of 24 and several people had to be turned away. I am not aware of this happening at any time previously in our club history.

I approached management at the Feathers Hotel to request one of the larger rooms in the hotel that would hold 30-35 people. I was told this would not be possible as those numbers would not provide sufficient profit unless we could guarantee 50 people minimum. As I cannot remember the last time we had 50 people at a meeting, apart from Christmas functions, the committee was left with a choice. Continue to turn members away from meetings, or find a larger venue elsewhere. The committee felt that it was not fair to paid up members not to be able to come to the regular meetings, so finding a new venue it was.

You will remember that until March last year we met at the Public Schools Club in the City. They have undergone a significant revamp along with a new Secretary, Treasurer and Catering Manager. Having made them aware of our previous history with the club, they were quite receptive to having us back.

Business is tough at the moment, so the PSC was only able to justify opening for us on a Wednesday night if I agreed to a minimum spend process. After some negotiation I was able to secure the venue as long as we have at least 20 diners and $100-200 spend over the bar. Based on previous history I felt this was achievable. The venue is not number limited like the Feathers, so I encourage everyone to come along and bring a guest if you wish. The future success of our meetings depends on the support of its members.

The meal on offer is a 2 course dinner for $35 per person, which changes each month. For September we can expect Chicken Parmigiana, fries and salad followed by a Fresh Fruit platter. You book online as per usual, advising any special dietary requirements, which can be catered for. Payment on the night for the meal will be by cash or credit card to Bob Scrymgour or Greg Tabe, who will then settle up with PSC. Drinks and any other bar purchases will be for your own account.

We have a couple of interesting speakers over the next 2 months, so given the extra space we have, I am hoping for a good turnout.

For September, member John Siebert will recount his days as a Navy Pilot flying the Harrier Jump jet. A unique V/STOL aircraft is a type that very few Australian pilots have had the opportunity to fly. Come and hear his story. Also, there will be a report on the Club Safari to Alice Springs and return.

Lined up for October is speaker Rod Lovell who was originally booked for our AGM. Rod is the author of the book “Hero to Zero”, the story of his successful ditching of a Douglas DC3 in Botany Bay in the 1990s, and the less successful accident investigation findings that followed. He will give a PowerPoint presentation based on his book. For those who want the full story he will also be selling signed copies of his book on the night.

Please be reminded that our Christmas dinner is booked for Friday 20th November in the Greenwall restaurant at the Feathers Hotel, the same venue as last year. Numbers are not nearly as limited in this much larger restaurant so we hope that a good number of members and their partners will attend. Save the date.

Blue skies,


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