Changing Your Password

If you don’t remember your password or want to change it

  • Click Login on the main menu.
  • Click ‘Lost your password’ under the login form.
  • Enter your username or email and click ‘Get New Password’. You will see a message ‘Check your email for the confirmation link’.
  • Click on the link in the email.
  • A new tab will open in your browser displaying the form with a generated strong password.
    • Note the message above the form ‘Enter your new password below’
    • Important – You do not have to accept the default password generated and displayed in the link. While these are very strong passwords, they are hard to type correctly and are best used with a password manager.
    • You can replace the complex password with something memorable that is at least medium strength.
    • It is good practice to make it at least 8 characters and include other symbols and numbers, e.g. ‘(‘ or use numbers – for example (flying4me2 or c3ssnas4me. Please do not use these examples on the website.
  • Click ‘Reset Password’.
  • Wait a few seconds for the message to tell you to click on the link to login with your new password.