We have simple laser cut profile models of the main aircraft built by our members, including the Lancair, Sonex and RV7, with more types to be added. Build one and dream of building the full sized version.

Models can be purchased at our meetings, from members and at our club events for $2. Or we can mail one to you (in Australia) for $5, just email your postal details to the Secretary and deposit $5 in our bank account (don’t forget to add your name to the deposit).

  • Bendigo Bank
  • Sport Aircraft Club of SA Inc.
  • BSB 633-000 A/C 166-996-603


With a sharp knife cut the tabs marked > to free the parts.

Optional – Lightly (very lightly) score the bottom of the wing between the two centre marks. Gently press in the centre to just crack to give approximately 2 cm dihedral. You can skip this step, but the model does fly better with a bit of dihedral. If you overdo the scoring and end up with separate wings, just glue them back together with the dihedral before the next step.

Slide the parts together making sure the tailplane and rudder are straight and square to the fuselage and the wings have equal dihedral on each side.

Glue with cyanoacrylate or wood glue.

Using blutack or plasticine on the nose, balance at CG ⊕


Test fly with a straight throw and adjust nose weight until the model flys straight and level to the ground. add weight if it zooms up and stalls, remove weight if it dives to the ground.

Free 3 Month membership of the Sport Aircraft Club

Emailing us a photo of your competed model along with your contact details (not revealed) will win you 3 months free membership (see here for membership details) and we will add your aircraft to the Hall of Fame. Limited to new membership only. Please note that Junior membership is free .

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