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Presidents Report – February 2023

Steve Nelson is holidaying overseas until the 7th of February and I have been asked to write this month’s news. The Spring that wasn’t has suddenly, and happily, changed into a very aviation friendly Summer. This should give us all … Read More

Presidents Report – November 2022

It’s official. La Nina is not my friend! The continuing inclement weather over south eastern Australia has wreaked havoc, with widespread flooding and major river levels continuing to rise. As aviators it means fewer opportunities for VFR flying and many … Read More

Presidents Report October 2022

September’s Bunnings BBQ fundraiser was a big success. After many years Bunnings have finally allowed a price increase on the sausages which substantially improved the bottom line. We need not have worried about a drop in sales due higher prices … Read More

Presidents Report September 2022

Spring has arrived. How can I tell? Because my aircraft windscreen is covered in bugs. That’s why our aircraft are called bug smashers! Anyway, they wash off easily enough and now we can look forward to more aviation friendly weather … Read More

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