Sport Aircraft Club of SA members enjoy all categories of sport and recreational flying, aircraft construction and related social activities.

We welcome owners, restorers, builders and potential builders as well as anyone with a love of flying and aeroplanes.

Our members fly all types of aircraft, including recreational and general aviation, gliders, hang gliders, paragliders, commercial and military.

Want to build an aircraft or already started? Our members have experience with wood, metal and composite aircraft construction and can provide advice and assistance.

Need information about aviation in your area? Try our Links page.

Alternatively, contact one of our council members on the Contacts Page for more information.

Club Membership

Members of the Sport Aircraft Club of SA (SAC) enjoy all categories of sport and recreational flying and related social activities. While not all members are owners, builders or even current pilots, many of them fly aircraft they have built or restored themselves. We have over 70 members – men and women, young and not so young from all walks of life, and they have one thing in common – they love flying and aeroplanes!

Club Activities

Fly-Ins are a popular activity with groups always attending the national events of the S.A.A.A. and the R.A.A. in N.S.W. Both are held over the Easter weekend. Other fly away weekends are organised during the year as well as day visits. For example, we have been to Ballarat, Mount Gambier, Coober Pedy, Echuca, Naracoorte and Truro Flats. Our annual Christmas fly-in breakfast at Murray Bridge is a particular favourite with members and guests, along with our awards dinner meeting, held in November, when fun awards are presented. Workshop visits are a way for prospective builders to gain an insight to the activity of aircraft building.

Technical Support Activities

The S.A.C. assists in providing technical support and information to people who want to build their own aircraft. Our reference library has a good selection of technical publications, product information (including videos) and periodicals. Our members have built aircraft from a variety of materials and designs and their combined knowledge is an exceptional club asset. They can provide first hand information on different types of aircraft and construction, the cost and time involved, or even how to do it on a partnership basis.


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