Presidents Report March 2018

Some good flying days were available in the last month and I was able to accumulate the remaining hours to complete the 40 hour test program on my Onex which went very well. I have now gathered all the paperwork together, which took nearly as long as the test flying, and await unrestricted flying approval.

Our guest speaker for March is Captain Darryl Hill, Adelaide based Cathay Pacific pilot and warbird enthusiast who bases his private aircraft at Murray Bridge. He owns an immaculately restored Avro Cadet and also a genuine Vietnam veteran Army Aviation Regiment Cessna 180.

He is very meticulous in his research to make sure everything in the restoration is done correctly and as he speaks about the Avro restoration I’m sure this will become apparent.

The Club Flyaway to various parts of Victoria in mid April was outlined to members at last months meeting. Unfortunately the clipboard I sent around to register interest did not get to everyone and it only had 4 names on it. If you are interested in joining this event I need to hear from you by email or at next weeks meeting. As the event is only 5 weeks away you will need to get on with organising your accommodation. If you do want to book the basic gliding club rooms at Benalla (cost $25 each) then please let me know. I will update you with the latest information at the club meeting.

Future events being planned by your council for this year include a visit to the Parafield Tower, Richard Young’s scratch built Sonex workshop visit and possibly a movie night in addition to the annual Christmas dinner and BBQ.

If you have other ideas for events you would like to see included on the calendar, or know someone who would be an interesting speaker for our monthly meetings then I would like to hear from you.

Please remember to book online if you want to order a meal for the monthly meeting. If you are still having difficulty with this then please email Steve Biele or Chris Dearden.

Be reminded that annual membership fees are now due if you have not already paid your $70.

You can do a EFT to the Club bank Account (details online), or pay Greg Tabe or Tim Svenson directly at the next club meeting. You need to be financial to vote on any issues at the Club AGM. And remember members can book a meal at the members rate of $20 each instead of the $25 non member rate.

On that note I would like you to consider nominating for the Club Council. We are always looking for new people with fresh ideas to help plan and run the club events. If you feel you are that person then please let me or one of the council know before the AGM.

Blue skies,


To most people the sky is the limit. To those who love aviation the sky is home.    Anon

The Future?
There’s an old joke amongst pilots that says the ideal flight crew is a computer, a pilot and a dog.
The computer’s job is to fly the aeroplane,
The pilot is there to feed the dog,
And the dog’s job is to bite the pilot if he tries to touch the computer!