Presidents Report – September 2023

President Steve is away on an around Australia adventure in his RV7A so I have been asked to pen the September newsletter.

As I draft this, on the 18th of August, my thoughts are with those that served in the Vietnam War, particularly those who were killed and injured. It is 50 years ago that Australia’s involvement in the conflict ceased.  Representing the Fleet Air Arm Association, I attended the Vietnam Veterans’ Day commemorations at the Torrens Parade Ground and made a tribute to the five naval aviators who lost their lives whilst serving with the US Army 135th Assault Helicopter Company.  Lest we forget.

The variable weather conditions have certainly limited light aeroplane operations this past month. The ABC’s John Lamb “Good Gardening” radio show assures us that we are in for an early Spring so I am looking forward to getting more flying done in the coming weeks.

First on the agenda is a BFR so its time for me to get into the books. If you have become a “bit rusty” in the flying department during Winter please be proactive if you need to brush up with an instructor. Currency and practising emergency drills are vital elements to safe operations. 

The CASA is running several Pilot Safety Briefings in SA as follows:

  • 5th November at Naracoorte
  • 15th November at Mount Gambier
  • 23rd November at Murray Bridge

Please consider attending a briefing as they are well presented and provided at no cost for attendees. You can register on the CASA website.

Your Council has purchased a new set of scales for the Club. More details about procedures for controlling the scales will be coming out soon.

Treasurer Greg Tabe advises that our financial health is good but we want to generate income at every opportunity. The Windsor Gardens Bunnings has scheduled a SACSA sausage sizzle on Saturday the 23rd of September. The morning shift is from 0830 until 1245 and the afternoon is from 1230 until 1630. If you can assist please email Greg via the website.

Another date to remember is 22 November for the club Christmas Dinner.

Finally, our speaker at the 13th of September meeting will be member Ian Pearce (RV14A). His precis is as follows:

Drawing on nearly 20 years of design engineering experience with various types of heavy machinery Ian will present a talk on the basics of stress analysis. Aimed at giving listeners some understanding of what constitutes a good design, topics covered will include. What is stress & strain and how are they related? How is the part loaded and what is the best shape to carry that load? How computer simulation otherwise known as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) has vastly improved how we analyse and understand stress. Finally a look at how a series of commercial aircraft accidents became a watershed moment leading to an understanding of Metal Fatigue, the results of which have had long term benefits for aviation and the broader mechanical engineering field.

See you at the meeting.

Safe flying. John Siebert