Presidents Report October 2022

September’s Bunnings BBQ fundraiser was a big success. After many years Bunnings have finally allowed a price increase on the sausages which substantially improved the bottom line. We need not have worried about a drop in sales due higher prices as everyone accepted it without complaint.

 Consequently, the exercise produced a $1325 profit to the club after expenses were deducted. This more than pays for a club flying scholarship. If you know someone who is learning to fly refer them to our website where they can find out what is needed to apply. We still have one scholarship available this year and up to two in subsequent years.

I would like to give a huge thanks to Treasurer, Greg Tabe, who organises these events, and the other 8 participants who each provided a half day of help on this occasion. Whilst we don’t know when we will next be rostered it would be ideal to maintain a standby list of helpers. Please contact Greg if you are willing to help. It would be good to see some new faces.

Preparations are well underway for the Club Christmas dinner coming up on Wednesday November 30th. We will be at the West Adelaide Football Club, but like last year we have booked the larger room so all members can bring along their partner or a guest.  Put it in your diary now.

There will be a 3 course Christmas themed menu and lots of raffle prizes for the cost of $65 per head. Details on how to buy tickets will be published shortly. There will also be fun and games with a slide show of the year’s activities, a quiz and a paper aeroplane contest. Also, we normally give an award for the best newly completed sport aircraft built by a club member that has flown this year. The committee is accepting nominations now.

Jamestown Airshow is just around the corner on October 23rd. The first one in six years is bound to attract a lot of interest.  I will be taking my Chipmunk up there and participating in a 6 aircraft formation of different De Havilland aircraft types. Check out their website for details.

New member and aircraft builder Ian Johnson has a month’s leave from his airline job coming up, and would like to make some significant progress on his Waiex build. He is looking for help from club members. As we builders know that with extra help the rate of progress on these projects can be more than doubled! No experience necessary but if you can pull a rivet or two that would be great. Email Ian Johnson directly.

For October’s meeting our guest speaker is Steve Fielder an ex RAAF Pilot who is restoring an Auster. His talk will be about the Auster in RAAF service during the 1940s and 50s, and the progress of his restoration. Apart from being a squadron “hack”, the Auster found many roles in military service. Scouting, communications, army support to name a few. They were seen throughout PNG, Borneo, Japan and even Antarctica. It should be an interesting story.

Blue skies,


Remember you fly an aeroplane with your head, not your hands and feet.