Presidents Report – November 2017

The nicer weather has meant I am able to do more test flying on my Onex. The test program is progressing well with over 12 hours achieved since the maiden flight in early September.

The usual adjustments on the carburettor were needed, (this is a VW derivative engine after all!), but I am closing in on the ideal mixture setting. Some minor cowl chafing caused by the baffles has been addressed along with some extra cable ties in the engine bay to secure wiring.

Flight performance is very encouraging with 140kts cruise achieved at close to max power. At a more leisurely 75% power I expect to get 125-130kts TAS.

A number of our members went to the AAAA flyin at Clare Valley on 14th October. A lovely flying day and 40 + aircraft, mostly antiques, turned up. See some photos on the club website.

I was most impressed by the talk our member, Dave Hansen gave at the last meeting. I never cease to be amazed at the wealth of talent amongst our members. Dave gave us a history lesson on the epic first England to Australia flight by Sir Ross & Sir Keith Smith, two Adelaide boys, in 1919.

He then stitched the story together with his personal involvement in the repair of their aircraft the Vickers Vimy, G-EAOU. When the Vimy was being transported from AWM Canberra to it’s present display site at Adelaide Airport back in the late 50’s, one of the semi trailers caught fire, severely damaging the wings and engines. The insurance rebuild was done at minimum cost involving apprentices where possible, which was exactly Dave Hansen’s job description at the time. He even showed us the burnt hub of one of the original Vimy propellors which he recovered from a rubbish bin!

As the centenary of that epic flight approaches in 2019, we all need to lobby the government to move this incredible historic aircraft from it’s current site, lost in a car park, back to pride of place in the Adelaide Airport forecourt, where it belongs.

The SA aviation museum open day was held last Sunday and the club was represented with a stand in front of the well known RV-4, VH-NOJ. It was well attended and a lot of information brochures were handed out.

The club Christmas Dinner is fast approaching on Friday November 17th at 6:30 pm. A three course dinner and welcome drink for just $50 each is great value.

Remember there will be NO meeting on Wednesday 8th November.

It’s not too late to order tickets for the dinner through the club website and I encourage you all to come along with partners and guests. If you have any difficulties with ordering tickets then please contact Steve Biele or Greg Tabe.

Keep your numbered tickets to redeem your welcome drink and win one of the many lucky draw prizes.

I hope to see you all there.

Blue skies,


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