Presidents Report December 2018

Forty five members and their guests enjoyed a fun filled Christmas dinner at the Public Schools club on November 23rd.

The venue was very nicely decorated in the Christmas spirit with a superb 3 course dinner prepared by our chef Michael Crossley.

There were raffle prizes galore with an almost 1 in 3 chance of winning. Thanks to all those who donated prizes. Chris Moore conducted an aviation quiz that had even the experts thinking hard!

The winner of the Best Aircraft award this year went to Ted and Milton King for their truly unique Lightning Bug. A diminutive aircraft in size but capable of better than 180 knots in the cruise. Once flight testing is complete we will have a better idea of it’s true capability.

On November 24th I flew to Clare Valley airport for an Angel Flight fund raising seminar hosted by Oz Runways. I flew there in my Onex on it’s first long distance flight. I received numerous favourable comments from those who had not seen it before. In all about 30 aircraft and almost 100 people attended.

There was a briefing from Oz Runways staff about the latest features of their App following a major update. This was followed by talk from Marjorie Pagani, CEO of Angel Flight Australia, about the vital work done by Angel Flight Pilots to benefit the country and outback communities. If you own a production built light aircraft and enjoy cross country flying you really could help out by flying patients from remote areas to the city for medical appointments. Please consider volunteering. You will be reimbursed your fuel costs.

The signature speaker at Clare was Matt Hall, of Red Bull Air Race fame. His talk consisted of a race by race commentary of the 2018 season he had just completed, finishing runner up for the third time. A fascinating insight into the life of air racing, complete with his own in cockpit videos of each race.

The view from the cockpit clearly demonstrated just how demanding this sport really is. Entering the course at 200 knots, flying 30 feet above the ground, rolling at 400 degrees per second and pulling up to 12g is not for the faint hearted! The top competitors are so evenly matched that this year the top 3 finishers in race 6 were within 8/100 sec of each other! In other words the distance between first and third was 7 meters, less than the length of the aircraft!

Matt was also seen last weekend at the Adelaide Motorsport Festival in Victoria Park providing an aerobatics demonstration in some seriously strong winds and drag racing some of the high performance cars. He beat everyone except the F1 vehicle.

Coming up this Saturday 8th December is the club’s first ever Bunnings Sausage Sizzle fund raiser at Bunnings Kent Town. We have enough volunteers this time but please consider if you can spare some time for the club the next time we host this event. In the meantime pop down to Bunnings this Saturday and buy a sausage (onions on the bottom!) and a drink.

The guest speaker for our final meeting of the year on December 12th is Bev Roediger, a GA flying instructor with some 42 years experience. She would have started out instructing at a time when there were very few professional female aviators in the business. Bring your partner and come along and hear her story. It is called “Learn from others mistakes because life is too short to make them all yourself”.

Please use the online booking service to book a meal before the meeting.

Also don’t forget the Club Christmas BBQ at Murray Bridge Airfield on Sunday December 16th at 1030am. Drive in or fly in and enjoy a lovely BBQ for just $10 per person. It will be an opportunity to see Greg Tabe’s brand new Bristel aircraft. I currently have 30 people coming along so please let me know if you want me to add your name to the list so we can get the catering right.

Blue Skies,


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