Over the last several years there has been a significant downturn in the amount of recreational flying activity and the number of new pilots training for their pilot’s license.

There are many reasons for this, but a significant reason is the ever increasing costs involved.  A new initiative from the club council this year is intended to promote more recreational type flying with the added benefit of attracting new membership.

This Scholarship is intended purely to help cover some of the costs of gaining or regaining a lapsed CASA RPL or RAAus RPC.

Any current full member may apply in writing to the club council, stating reasons why they would be a worthy recipient of the scholarship. If you are not a current SACSA full member you just need to apply for membership before applying for the scholarship. Please note the additional requirements shown below

  • All successful applicants must commit to 2 years full membership of the club.
  • Applicants must apply to the Club council in writing outlining reasons for the application.
  • Up to $2000 annually is available to be used for up to 2 successful applicants. $1000 each.
  • Successful applicants must remain an SACSA member while the scholarship is used.
  • Intended to help cover costs in renewing or obtaining a CASA RPL or RAAus RPC.
  • Available for flying training costs only.
  • Scholarship will be paid out upon presentation of invoices for training until funds are exhausted.
  • One scholarship only per member.
  • Council decision as to who is successful remains final but does not preclude a reapplication.

Applying for the Flying Scholarships

You must be a member of the Sport Aircraft Club of SA to apply (Click here for details on how to join the SACSA).

Write an application explaining your reasons for applying for the scholarship and send it to us.