MGL iEFIS Simulator

MGL provide a simulator for the iEFIS used in the Sonex.

The complete setup can be obtained on DVD from Chris Moore or Chris Dearden by request.

Or, you can download from the MGL website as below. Some of these files are large – the Australian Vector Base map is 10Mb.

Setting this up is not an exercise for the faint hearted!

The notes below are a work in progress and detailed steps and file locations will be added soon.

The basic simulator software will give you an idea about operating the system, but to obtain the full benefit, you need to add the setup files specific to the club installation as well as the airspace and navigation data.

You need to download the simulator software and install.  The software can be downloaded here.

Once installed you need to also download the airspace, terrain and navigation data and add to the installation from here.

The final step is to download the screen setup files for the club Sonex and add to the simulator files.