For Sale – Zenair Zodiac CH601 HD

This is a safe and kindly two seat, low wing, all-metal, tricycle undercarriage aircraft, with a side hinged canopy, masterfully built by Col Churches of Adelaide in 2004.

It has a 2060 cc Aeropower [WA] motor, a VW aero conversion. While not a speedster, it has excellent slow speed capability with an 11 inch wing thickness. Always hangared, this aircraft is in very good condition with original two-pack paintwork. TTIS is just 216 hours, including ground running.

Technical specs are:

*Span 27 feet, wing area 130 sq ft, length 18.5 ft.

*Empty mass 294 kg, max AUW 545 kg, baggage max 15 kg.

* Take off safety speed and min approach speed, 60 kt IAS min, stall speed at gross mass, 28 kt IAS.

* Max crosswind component, 16 kt.

* Useable fuel, 61 litres, avgas or mogas 98 octane.

* Two ignition systems, primary Slick magneto with aviation spark plugs, secondary Hall Effect electronic with automotive plugs.

* Performance, two up, 82 kt @ 2900 rpm {best torque}, for 17 l/hr, one up, 15 l/min. Max speed, ca 95 kt @ 3400 rpm. Manouvering speed, 83 kt, never exceed speed, 121 kt.

* Full instrumentation, with IC–A22 radio and headsets, pilot/passenger intercom, electric trim, cabin heat and vertical speed indicator.

Price is negotiable from $44 000 with 30 x 30 ft hangar, Kadina or from $36 500 for aircraft separately.

Contact: Brian Smith, 0439 702 649, Kadina.